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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show tomorrow as Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden about the key current political issues of today!

Well, actually, I think I need to use the term "debate" rather loosely in this context. Honestly, I cannot imagine how Palin can successfully debate Biden when she has a hard time even putting together a coherent thought on the subject of the bailout...or was it healthcare? or was it job creation? or tax relief? or trade? Really, what in the hell was she talking about?

I absolutely love the idea of finally having a woman in the White House, but Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to all of those women that have forged the path ahead of her thus allowing her such an honor. Palin perpetuates the horrible stereotypes of women that the feminist movement has fought since the 1960's to overcome. In the few interviews she has had with the press she comes off as an attractive unthinking, unknowing, and wholly uninformed woman.

I can't help but wonder how a woman who cannot answer the simplest of questions, a question that any person I know could answer without even thinking, could possibly come to have power over our lives and the direction of nation?

If Ms. Palin cannot even articulate what she reads (presuming she does, in fact, at least occasionally read) how can she effectively serve the country as vice-president?

By McCain choosing her as his VP pick is he telling us that it does not matter how smart a woman is or what or how she thinks as long as the woman looks good by his side? We do not need a woman like this in the White House. She will do more harm than good for the independent thinking women of this nation.


Jay said...

Good points. I read an article from the BBC outlining exactly how Sarah Palin would win the debate:

She doesn't have to know the issues, she fills the room with her presence. Or at least that is how she came to be Governess of Alaska.

musicgirljen said...

Amen! And it wasn't a debate at all. All she did was repeat over and over some catch phrases that she had obviously rehearsed, even if it meant completely and blatantly ignoring whatever question was at hand. How many times can a person repeat the terms "energy independence" and "maverick" in ninety minutes?

RBK's Realm said...

Very well articulated.

I like your blog a lot and am adding it on my blog roll as I find your writing very honest, courageous and thought-provoking.

Cyclingred said...

What do you mean she doesn't know the issues Jay? Why she can see Russia from her home.