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I am deeply interested in religion, politics, current events, history, musical theater and books! I left the LDS church a couple years ago and have spent a lot of time since then thinking and considering various religious influences in my life and in the lives of those around me. For more information on why I left the LDS church, look here. I also love to sing, act, dance (tap preferably) and perform on stage whenever possible.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Perhaps a sticky bun, or four?

So, as if it isn't bad enough that I currently live about a block away from the best cookies ever, today I managed to fall upon the most amazing bakery/pastry shop and it's only a block and a half away from my work. I'm ruined, I tell you! RUINED! This bakery has everything...every amazing dessert you can imagine and they are all just waiting for me. Creme Brulee, Marzipon cake, cookies, pastries, chocolates...everything. Anyone that knows me, already knows that I have a serious dessert addiction...I'm the person who wants to see the dessert menu first so that I can plan accordingly for the rest of the meal...the one who bases the quality of a restaraunt on the quality of their dessert. And now, there are 50+ desserts calling to me, a block and a half away from the place where I spend the majority of my days, patiently waiting their turn as I unsuccessfully attempt to fight my inner sugar demon....Did I mention I'm ruined?

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Morgan said...

Let's go! I want some too!